Tuesday, September 07, 2010


I'd like to make another small announcement about Fire From The Dragon. It's is now also available for anyone here in Canada that's interested at these local comic stores. I'll post a link and address at the bottom. Once again thanks for all the support shown it greatly appreciated .
Also myself and Tafewa Turner will be at the Junction Arts Festival. Tafewa is a great artist and friend, I'll provide a link as well for those interested. I'll be representing myself as well a friend of mine Carlos Gonzalves, who also came out with a sketchbook this year .

Altered States Comics
1701 Lakeshore Road West
Website : www.alteredstatescomics.com
Phone : ( 905 ) 855-1288

Hairy Tarantula West Games & Comics
2949 Dundas Street West
Website: http://www.hairyt.com/
Phone: ( 416 ) 762-1303

The Beguiling -
601 Markham Street - Toronto, Ontario, Canada - M6G 2L7
Website : www.beguiling.com

Junction Arts Festival
Dundas Street West between Indian Grove and St John’s Road the weekend of September 11 and 12
Website : http://www.junctionartsfest.com/

Tafewa Turner - Artist, Creative & Founder
Emancipation-ink- "Create, Share, Think & Grow"
Websites : http://www.linkedin.com/in/imagination

Stay Fresh One And All !!!

Perry L J Osuna

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